All You Need To Know About Sous Vide Machine!

Food plays a very significant role in life. Without food, one can’t even imagine their existence. And if food is properly cooked then it adds flavour to life. Technological inventions have made life easier for human beings. Technology has made a great impact in each and every field right from agriculture to transportation, automobile to manufacturing. Introduction of Sous Vide machine in the field of food has revolutionized the catering world.

Sous-vide is a French word, meaning ‘ under-vacuum’. It is also known as Low-Temperature Long Time cooking. In this sous-vide machine, food is placed inside a glass jar or a plastic bag then dipped in hot water for a longer period of time at an accurate temperature. The temperature for cooking the packed food is normally low as compared to normal cooking temperature. The reason behind reduced temperature and cooking food for a longer period of time is to cook the food properly and internally without getting over-cooked externally due to excess heat. Unlike the traditional method of cooking, a person doesn’t have to stand in front of the food until it is cooked suitably and to check if the outer surface of the food gets overcooked. The person can set the temperature and can indulge in some other activity, rest everything will be handled by the immersion circulator.

Features of Sous-Vide:-

There are so many features of sous vide that which makes it popular in the world of food. Some of its features are mentioned and explained below:-

  1. Packed cooking:- In sous-vide machine, firstly food is placed inside a container or plastic bag and then that container is put inside the water bath. This packed cooking helps to maintain the aroma of the food which usually gets lost in cooking food openly. And aroma adds a special flavour to the dish. It also retains the food juice.
  2. Low-temperature:- The temperature set for cooking is usually low than the normal temperature. This is to prevent overcooking of food. Low temperature helps the food to get cooked properly and evenly. In the traditional method of cooking, sometimes due to excess heat, food is overcooked externally and remains raw internally. To avoid this, the temperature is often set low as compared to the normal temperature. 
  3. Rancidity:- The plastic covering on the food does not allow oxygen to pass on. This helps in cooking the food and storing it for a longer period of time. This feature prevents food from external bacterial attacks and makes it free from rancidity. This is best for a restaurant or food packaging service.
  4. Immersion rod:- This helps in circulating the packed food inside the water bath to ensure the uniform temperature within the container. This helps in preventing over-cooking.

Factors influencing Sous-Vide machine:-

In this heavy market competition, it is very tough to figure out what one should buy which would remain for a longer period of time. There are so many things the buyer should keep in mind before purchasing a Sous-vide machine. The factors influencing the purchase of sous vide machine are mentioned below:-

  1. Water Capacity:- Water is the main element in cooking food using a sous vide machine. So, the buyer should keep in mind the water container capacity while purchasing. If the cooking amount is less then the consumer should purchase a small container and if the cooking amount is more, especially for restaurants, the container should be big.
  2. Heating/Temperature:- If the person’s requirement is small then he should go for a small machine otherwise a big one. The temperature decides the cooking time.
  3. Design: Adjustable, water-resistant, and heat-resistant body, bright LCD with controls are the most eye-catching features of a sous vide machine. The machine designed in this way is generally good.
  4. Controlling:- A manual control system is usually present in the model but one can also go for a blue tooth or wifi controlling system.
  5. Speed:- One doesn’t have to wait for long for heating up of temperature. They just have to choose a strong heating element which can quickly heat a large volume of water and keep the water warm as per the cooking requirement. 
  6. Price:- It is generally costly as it is highly technical and it’s price keep on increasing as per the requirement from the side of the consumer increase.
  7. Multiple containers:- A good machine can adjust any vessel or container. It does not demand any particular surface volume.

There are many more factors which affect the purchasing rate of this machine-like temperature stability, accuracy, built-in timer, etc. All these features make this machine very popular. You can find out the list of ultimate sous vide machines that you can buy.

Hence, it is clear that the Sous-vide technique has made significant changes in the field of food and catering. The benefits of the Sous-vide machine proves that it is a great scientific invention so far. The buyer should keep in mind the above-mentioned factors while purchasing the machine. The set-it-forget-it feature is the best. It means one can set the temperature and leave the food for a particular period of time. This results in properly cooked food with good aroma. Aroma does not get lost any where and packed cooking helps to store food for a longer period of time without any fear of rancidity.

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7 Air-Purifying Houseplants Guide for Sensitive People


With an increase in greed and need for money, the amount of factories and industries are increase on this planet. You must have studied during your childhood about various reasons that cause pollution. The gases from the factories and industries are too harmful to be inhaled not only by humans but also by other animals. We humans are putting the lives of ourselves as well as others in danger.

With the increase in the amount of pollution in air, it is high time to take steps for the cause. We can start by making our homes purified first. Do not be shocked as you can purify the air in your home too. NASA has been doing researches on how humans can survive in the space, and for survival in the space, the air and environment should be purified first. It conducted a study in which plants were selected which possessed the ability to purify the environment. These plants could very well eliminate toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene, thereby making the environment of your house clean.


Here are 7 plants which you can rely on to clean and purify the air you breathe in your house –

The Green fern Plant


The Green fern plant is certified by NASA and has both purifying abilities and elegance. The fern can be planted at home or at work place and all it needs is a table and some care. The green fern plant is known to grow in the dark forests, but it needs sunlight and brightness at your home for its full growth. The soil in which it is planted should be kept moist. Water should be sprayed at regular intervals for its complete growth. Since it grows in dark forests, it is known to bring all kinds of natural elements. And, studies show that it absorbs air borne chemicals very well.

The Money Plant


You all must have seen the money plants growing in people’s houses, like creepers growing from bottom to top. The best part about the money plant is that it does not need soil to grow (not compulsory) and can be kept in a bottle of water as well. The money plant is believed to bring good luck, and many believe that it has its name because it brings money as well! Whatever may be the myths, but it is sure to cleanse the air around you. It is effective in removing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and gives an elegant look to the surrounding. And the noticeable fact is that it absorbs radiation emitted by the laptops, televisions and computers. So, it can be placed beside these items too!

The Areca palm plant


The Areca palm plant is a really awesome plant which will clean the surrounding environment as well as it has a so-called magical odor which will make you feel fresh every time you go near it. It grows easily and does not need much maintenance, so all you need to do is to provide ample amount of sunlight and water and enjoy the elegance and beauty it brings. It cleans various harmful toxins present in the air. Since it is a palm tree, it grows really fast and if you do not have any plans of growing it, you need to trim it regularly. It needs subtle brightness to grow and should be kept away from direct sunlight. It is a really good plant for elegance as well as purification.

The Green Milt plant


This plant is known more because of its beauty than its cleansing properties. It is an exotic plant which comes with a myth along with it. It is said that it is a good stress buster and brings positivity in the environment. Similar to other plants, it needs subtle brightness and should not be kept in direct sunlight. It is also named as Sansevieria MILT plant and can grow even in adverse conditions. It has the ability to remove xylene and benzene from the air. It should not go dry and water should be sprayed at regular intervals to keep it growing. All you need to do is to keep it in an open space and it will clean the air and provide greenery to the surroundings.

The Pink Syngonium plant


You must have witnessed many green plants, but let us now go for a pink colored plant. The Syngonium plant has purifying properties for sure, but it also gives a unique look to the surroundings. The leaves are heart shaped while young, but after full growth, it attains the arrowhead shape too. It cleans toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. The interesting fact is that history says that this plant has Feng Shui’s five elements – Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal, and thus brings good luck and positive vibes to you. It needs a bit of care. It needs to be kept moist in summer and needs less water in winters, and you will witness some really good vibes and positivity around you along with clean air!

The Spider plant


The plant is perfect to keep in the empty corners of the rooms, and it looks like a spider and gives a unique look to the surroundings. It is one of the most preferred plants for indoors because it is one of the easiest growing plants. All you need to do is to water it modestly and keep it in subtle light (again, not in direct sunlight) and you will witness the full growth. It removes various toxic chemicals from the air, and is believed to be a great plant in your house when you have pets with you!

The Cactus plant


No, don’t be surprised to see the cactus on the list. In your childhood you must have read that cactus grows only in deserts and grows well constantly. While the former is false, the later is entirely correct. You will not need to shift to the Sahara for growing this indoors! It needs the least maintenance and grows in direct light. So, you need to keep it in direct sunlight and water it not-so-frequently, and you will have a unique cactus plant in a pot on your table. The biggest benefit it has is that it is a good absorber of electromagnetic waves. So place it near your computer or laptop and be sure to have all those dirty electromagnetic waves gone! A really nice and unique plant when it comes to decoration and purification.…

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7 Steps towards Simpler Living


Life now-a-days is a really hectic one. For us humans, life is all about money. We work and work more so that we can get enough money, enough money to fulfill all our wishes. We want money to make ourselves happy. We are never satisfied with a definite amount of money; we want more and more. We have a notion that it is money which makes our life full of happiness and pleasure.


But, the truth is that money can never make our life good. It can never give us the happiness and pleasure we need. We become so busy in our work and responsibilities that we forget the real meaning of life. It has been truly said that “You may stand first in the rat race, but still you will be a rat after the race”. The simple meaning of the line is that you may waste all your time thinking that money will bring you the happiness you need, but at the end of the day, all you are doing is wasting some precious moments of your life.


So, sit back for a moment and try to think how complex your daily life is. I bet you will realize soon that all you are doing is working and not getting happiness. Now, can you give a week to your life to make it a bit simple? Would not you want to know how simple and delightful life can be? It feels great. Want to know how? Let us start making our life simpler. Follow these 9 steps for a week or two and try to understand how simple and joyous life can be –

First comes realization and will power

The first and foremost step is to make up your mind and heart about what you are going to do. You have to make yourself realize that you are going to lead a simple life now. The biggest hindrance in this will be your will power. If you are not strong enough, then you will never be able to do so. First make up your mind and then get rid of the thoughts you get every day while you get up. Then start.

Thinking alone comes next

This step may be a bit difficult for you. You have to take time from your busy schedule. You are leading a simpler life now, right? Take out some time and sit alone somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Then start thinking what all are you missing in your life. Think about those reasons which make you happy, or sad, which make you laugh or cry, which things bring you joy and which bring sorrow. Go back to your childhood days and try to remember all what you liked and disliked. And them try to do all those stuffs again.


Bring back your values

Yes, it is true that with the increasing load of work in your life, you are forgetting all your values and prior responsibilities. The only thing or responsibility that you remember is money. So try to think and determine how complex and uneasy your life is. You will find the answers. You will come to know about the responsibilities you have missed. Spending time with your family, taking care of your parents and children, going on a vacation etc. are among those. And then do all those you missed.

Now let us come to some basic things that you need to do –

Stay away from all connectivity

One of the biggest problems that take us away from a simpler lifestyle is the connectivity, which includes cell phones, laptops and internet. These were just basic amenities at first, but became a disease later. Now we cannot imagine our lives without these things. You must have encountered people who have their phones in their hands even while walking on the road. These things have taken us far away from our pleasures, those pleasures that we get by being with our family. So, keep these electronic garbage away and spend time with those people who can make you real happy.


Try living on a budget

Yes, having a planned budget is going to help you a lot in leading a simpler life. When we start incoming money, we try to fulfill our basic requirements first. But as more money comes, we dream of bigger things, some of which are beyond our reach at the moment. And when dreams of achieving things beyond our reach come, we work in full force to achieve them, and we spend more. Coming to a simple conclusion, when we get money, we overspend, and at last need more money. This makes our life busy and we forget every other stuff.

So having a planned budget of the things needed and those not needed will save our time. If we do not spend more, we will not think of incoming more, and hence will save time.

Remove negativity from your life

The biggest thing that makes us complex is the negativity we have in us. When we are out to do some new work, the first question that comes in our mind is, “Will I be able to do this”, or “Will this work make me any profit?” etc. All these WH-questions are the reasons of negativity in our life. My question is, why are you even thinking that you cannot do the thing which you have eagerly accepted? When you are going to accomplish a work, you must be confident that no one or nothing can stop you from doing it. Have confidence and believe in yourself. Remove these negativities from your mind. You will soon see that you are grinding less and saving more time, thus having a simpler and hassle-free life.


Minimize works but do everything

The phrase simply means that do only those works which are necessary. We always have the energy to do more. So why not save that energy to do something with your family? Make a list of the works that are really necessary, and exclude those which do not mean anything. And when the list is ready, work accordingly, and never add anything to the list afterwards. Believe me, life will be a lot easier and simpler when minimized!

Try following these 7 steps for a week or two and then see the results for yourself. After doing all these things for a week or two, sit back and compare your life before and your life in these two weeks. You will feel the difference for sure.…

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Best Compact Microwave Consider Buying if Space is less in your Kitchen

Microwaves are useful for any food lover and it’s now almost a must-have gadget for your food. There are many microwaves food and recipes that people want to have every day and it won’t be possible without your Microwave. Take example as your pizza, or cake these things cannot be fried or made without the help of a microwave. But when you buy a microwave you need to consider a lot of things, your budget, your space, and all other things too. As if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen it will be hard for you to get a microwave or keep it. But now they have made more compact and less space taking microwave for small kitchens too. So let’s check which one you should consider buying if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen.

Sharp carousel

The sharp carousel is a great starter on our list of compatible microwave for small kitchens. This is just a 10.6-inch microwave, that has a capacity or you can space to hold a standard dinner plate so you can use it for small or medium size pizza and a pound cake. Also can reheat your chicken and food, can be used to make your roasted chicken and other stuff. It’s super easy to maintain and clean the black and Stainless Steel make the look of this microwave great too. The door of the microwave is specially made that way that it won’t get scratched at all no matter what you do. It also contains a separate timer for your cooking and letting you know when your food is ready.

Hamilton beach red

The Hamilton beach red just looks as it sounds the glossy red color of this great microwave gives it a great look and feels great just to have it in your kitchen. It’s a good microwave with compatible size too so you won’t have any problem having this in your kitchen. Only the front panel of this microwave you will find red and it comes with a safety lock letting you get assured of your children’s safety. The glass used in this is also very durable and won’t get damaged easily.

Black and decker digital

The black and decker digital it’s a great compatible microwave you can just use this when you hungry with its 30 sec fast smooth function. To give you great warm food faster, the microwave comes in 4 different sizes that you can select from. Great in look wise and will make your kitchen looks good too with it. The buttons are quite easily visible and readable to anyone making it easy to use.

Amazon basics

Amazon has also taken its technology to the microwaves, the leading e-commerce website made a great technology smart microwave. At very affordable prices and let you enjoy the Alexa assistance and control your microwave from your voice. Now to enjoy the technology you don’t need a big and huge and expensive microwave. Just have this compatible Amazon basics into your kitchen and get impressed and make people impressed too.

Toshiba 900 watt

Now if you need a compatible microwave with all the options that you will find in a big microwave. You should check this out this one gives you all the features with child safety lock and defrost by weight option too. It comes with a power-saving mode the Toshiba 900 watt is a really great compatible microwave.

Panasonic NE-1025F

Panasonic is a 1000 watts microwave with 6 min auto rest timer. You can see the light of this microwave across your kitchen when you cook it the light illuminates the microwave. The heat cooks your food really great and the light lets you see what’s going on inside and how’s it’s cooking just like any other big microwave you see in kitchens. Panasonic NE-1025F microwave is the leading compact microwave for the kitchen you will see in the market. So you should definitely consider buying this one not too expensive and yet durable.

Daewoo KOR-7LREM

This one is just really cool to look at with its bright and stylish color and it’s super great looks you can enjoy this microwave without any worries. The classic retro looking microwaves gives you 5 types of power levels in it. It also give you 5 auto cook options, and all the features that you need for your everyday modern life.…

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8 Things you should pack while road Trip to Leh Ladakh


Holiday trips to various awesome destinations have become a real necessity in our life. We always plan a trip to a destination away from home once in five to six months. These kinds of trips give us the relaxation we need from our daily stress and also immense pleasure and joy.


And when the trip is to the king of mountains Leh Ladakh, you should know that it is not going to a very easy and pleasant one if you are not completely ready for it. Ladakh is a place well known for its extreme weather and harsh living conditions. It has happened many a times that day-to-day usable items like ATMs, mobile connectivity, eatables, clothing and many more stuffs become scarce. So, it is better to carry your own regular but important stuffs with you if you do not want to spoil your beautiful trip to Ladakh.

Here are 8 things you should have in your travel bag when you are travelling to Leh Ladakh –



The first thing that comes into mind when planning a trip is clothing. And when it comes to Ladakh, some regular and careless packing will not work. As told earlier, Ladakh is a place with some very harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. You may feel cold when you are inside a building, but the situation becomes warm and hot when you go out in the sun. Temperature in Ladakh changes very often, so carrying only heavy woolen stuffs or light clothing will not help. When you have a regular trip in any random weather, pack a lot of cotton t-shirts and jeans, and also include a pair of woolen stuffs.

But when you are travelling specifically in the winter, do not forget to carry a lot of heavy woolens!



With clothing, you also need some regular accessories which will be useful in that place. These are –

a. Sunscreen lotions – When it comes to summer in Ladakh, the sun is really hot and hard to bear. So, during your trip, have some sunscreen lotions with you. It is because with the sun so harsh, you will not only tan yourself, but also may burn your skin. So sunscreen lotions are mandatory!

b. Sunglasses – In Ladakh, not only your skin but also your eyes will need some protection. The sun in summer emits some really harmful UV radiations which may not be suitable for your eyes. So always try to wear sunglasses whenever you are planning to go out on expedition.

c. Gloves and caps – With some really unpredictable weather, it will be hard for you to determine the weather conditions anytime. So always carry a pair of waterproof thick woolen gloves with you. And a regular cap on your head will keep you safe from the sun during the day and a nice monkey cap or muffler will save your skin during cold nights!



Yes, you heard it right. Carrying some important documents in your pocket every time you are out is really necessary. Always carry any of your identity proof with you, like your adhaar card or any identity you have. And remember to have the original one along with a photocopy to ensure that no issues occur. Carry the photocopy in your pocket or bag when you are travelling out and produce the original one only when required. Also keep the Xerox slips of your flight tickets and the hotel reservation slips with you.

Miscellaneous Toiletries


Yes, even miscellaneous toiletries should be included in your bag. As I told earlier, there is no surety if you are going to get even a toothbrush in the stores because of the conditions and scarcity. So having a plan of buying the regular stuffs will backfire! It is told that prevention is better than cure. So, include all the basic toiletries in your bag, which include –

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Face wash
  • Cleaning Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Deodorant etc.



Never think of going to places like Ladakh with no or a little cash, and never plan to withdraw cash from ATMs in a place like Ladakh. ATMs are a big scarcity in this place, and you are going to wait and look for very long for withdrawing cash. In worse cases, it may not even happen! There are none in Ladakh whereas only one in Leh. So carry enough cash that will last until you find an ATM. Even credit cards are of no use. They may be accepted in Leh, but in Ladakh, these will just be plastic cards without any value.

Eatables and water


Eatables should a must have thing in your backpack. It may happen that you may have to search everywhere for just a pack of biscuits. So, pack a lot of snacks in your bag. These will also help when you are n a trek. You will need energy and these snacks and energizing foods will help.

And the water in Ladakh may seem hard to many people. So it is better to carry your own bottles of water when you are out. You want to stay hydrated, right?



A small pack of your own medicines as well as some regular ones for diseases like stomach pain, acidity, cold and all those stuff will be really helpful. So keep this pack of medicines with you. You would never want to go on a quest for medicine stores in the middle of a deserted road, would you?

Electronic items


When you are out on any trip, the electronic items will be surely necessary. Try to carry as many useful electronic items as you can. When you have a camera, keep an extra battery too. And one of the most important stuff will be the power bank, which is a must in your backpack. Also, buy a new SIM card of BSNL/MTNL in Ladakh, because only prepaid SIM cards work in that place, and there no guarantee that you will get connectivity of any SIM card you have. So it is better to have the one which is working in Ladakh.…

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