Best Electric Kettle in India

The electric kettle is a household item that can be used for various works such as boiling water or even making tea. It is a fast way to heat water without even using any gas.


Pigeon is a well-known brand with more than a million customers. The brand has a stable name in the Indian market with its various kind of household products.

Pigeon electric kettle has a hygienic SS body, which can be used for various works, such as making hot water, green tea, lemon water, or soup. It comes with a glass locking system lid, which makes it transparent.

It has a 360-degree rotational base, which can help you set it in small spaces without hassle. The kettle comes with an auto cut-off feature, which can help you in various ways, such as if you forgot to switch the button off, it would automatically cut the supply after a pointed temperature.

It also comes with a touch handle for a grab handle, which has a plastic body over it. The plastic body helps it to stay calm and holdable. The design follows a cylindrical pattern with straight curves. It also has a handle on the glass lid. The handle has a high and plastic coating overhead, which helps it to stay calm.


Kent is a brand famous for its water purifier and water appliances. They have a stable Indian network and millions of trusted customers as well.

Kent provides full-body transparency, which makes the cattle attractive and see-through. It has a detachable power base, which helps set it up in a small place.

The design has a cone-shaped to it, which is not that attractive as others, but that transparent body gets it a point ahead. The Borosilicate material on the glass makes a durable. The company also claims that they have not used any plastic materials on it. The steel base layer makes it attractive and durable.

Over to the technology end, it comes with a high power supply and a light indicator switch. It comes with a handle, which makes it easy to hold and transfer around. The 1.7 liter of capacity is enough for five glasses of water. Overall it has high-quality materials with great design.


It comes with a handy design and supports high-quality power output with a stainless steel material over it. The system has various curves with a circular pattern. It also comes with a detachable power base, which makes it easier to move around.

It also has an automated on and off switch. It has a spout design for easy pouring and feeling. The handle makes it easier to hold, but it has a plastic coating over it. It is one of the most sold electric kettles on this list.

Overall it has decent technical specifications with a handy quality design. It is also priced far less as compared to others on this list.


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