Best Electric Kettle in India

The electric kettle is a household item that can be used for various works such as boiling water or even making tea. It is a fast way to heat water without even using any gas.


Pigeon is a well-known brand with more than a million customers. The brand has a stable name in the Indian market with its various kind of household products.

Pigeon electric kettle has a hygienic SS body, which can be used for various works, such as making hot water, green tea, lemon water, or soup. It comes with a glass locking system lid, which makes it transparent.

It has a 360-degree rotational base, which can help you set it in small spaces without hassle. The kettle comes with an auto cut-off feature, which can help you in various ways, such as if you forgot to switch the button off, it would automatically cut the supply after a pointed temperature.

It also comes with a touch handle for a grab handle, which has a plastic body over it. The plastic body helps it to stay calm and holdable. The design follows a cylindrical pattern with straight curves. It also has a handle on the glass lid. The handle has a high and plastic coating overhead, which helps it to stay calm.


Kent is a brand famous for its water purifier and water appliances. They have a stable Indian network and millions of trusted customers as well.

Kent provides full-body transparency, which makes the cattle attractive and see-through. It has a detachable power base, which helps set it up in a small place.

The design has a cone-shaped to it, which is not that attractive as others, but that transparent body gets it a point ahead. The Borosilicate material on the glass makes a durable. The company also claims that they have not used any plastic materials on it. The steel base layer makes it attractive and durable.

Over to the technology end, it comes with a high power supply and a light indicator switch. It comes with a handle, which makes it easy to hold and transfer around. The 1.7 liter of capacity is enough for five glasses of water. Overall it has high-quality materials with great design.


It comes with a handy design and supports high-quality power output with a stainless steel material over it. The system has various curves with a circular pattern. It also comes with a detachable power base, which makes it easier to move around.

It also has an automated on and off switch. It has a spout design for easy pouring and feeling. The handle makes it easier to hold, but it has a plastic coating over it. It is one of the most sold electric kettles on this list.

Overall it has decent technical specifications with a handy quality design. It is also priced far less as compared to others on this list.


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All You Need To Know About Sous Vide Machine!

Food plays a very significant role in life. Without food, one can’t even imagine their existence. And if food is properly cooked then it adds flavour to life. Technological inventions have made life easier for human beings. Technology has made a great impact in each and every field right from agriculture to transportation, automobile to manufacturing. Introduction of Sous Vide machine in the field of food has revolutionized the catering world.

Sous-vide is a French word, meaning ‘ under-vacuum’. It is also known as Low-Temperature Long Time cooking. In this sous-vide machine, food is placed inside a glass jar or a plastic bag then dipped in hot water for a longer period of time at an accurate temperature. The temperature for cooking the packed food is normally low as compared to normal cooking temperature. The reason behind reduced temperature and cooking food for a longer period of time is to cook the food properly and internally without getting over-cooked externally due to excess heat. Unlike the traditional method of cooking, a person doesn’t have to stand in front of the food until it is cooked suitably and to check if the outer surface of the food gets overcooked. The person can set the temperature and can indulge in some other activity, rest everything will be handled by the immersion circulator.

Features of Sous-Vide:-

There are so many features of sous vide that which makes it popular in the world of food. Some of its features are mentioned and explained below:-

  1. Packed cooking:- In sous-vide machine, firstly food is placed inside a container or plastic bag and then that container is put inside the water bath. This packed cooking helps to maintain the aroma of the food which usually gets lost in cooking food openly. And aroma adds a special flavour to the dish. It also retains the food juice.
  2. Low-temperature:- The temperature set for cooking is usually low than the normal temperature. This is to prevent overcooking of food. Low temperature helps the food to get cooked properly and evenly. In the traditional method of cooking, sometimes due to excess heat, food is overcooked externally and remains raw internally. To avoid this, the temperature is often set low as compared to the normal temperature. 
  3. Rancidity:- The plastic covering on the food does not allow oxygen to pass on. This helps in cooking the food and storing it for a longer period of time. This feature prevents food from external bacterial attacks and makes it free from rancidity. This is best for a restaurant or food packaging service.
  4. Immersion rod:- This helps in circulating the packed food inside the water bath to ensure the uniform temperature within the container. This helps in preventing over-cooking.

Factors influencing Sous-Vide machine:-

In this heavy market competition, it is very tough to figure out what one should buy which would remain for a longer period of time. There are so many things the buyer should keep in mind before purchasing a Sous-vide machine. The factors influencing the purchase of sous vide machine are mentioned below:-

  1. Water Capacity:- Water is the main element in cooking food using a sous vide machine. So, the buyer should keep in mind the water container capacity while purchasing. If the cooking amount is less then the consumer should purchase a small container and if the cooking amount is more, especially for restaurants, the container should be big.
  2. Heating/Temperature:- If the person’s requirement is small then he should go for a small machine otherwise a big one. The temperature decides the cooking time.
  3. Design: Adjustable, water-resistant, and heat-resistant body, bright LCD with controls are the most eye-catching features of a sous vide machine. The machine designed in this way is generally good.
  4. Controlling:- A manual control system is usually present in the model but one can also go for a blue tooth or wifi controlling system.
  5. Speed:- One doesn’t have to wait for long for heating up of temperature. They just have to choose a strong heating element which can quickly heat a large volume of water and keep the water warm as per the cooking requirement. 
  6. Price:- It is generally costly as it is highly technical and it’s price keep on increasing as per the requirement from the side of the consumer increase.
  7. Multiple containers:- A good machine can adjust any vessel or container. It does not demand any particular surface volume.

There are many more factors which affect the purchasing rate of this machine-like temperature stability, accuracy, built-in timer, etc. All these features make this machine very popular. You can find out the list of ultimate sous vide machines that you can buy.

Hence, it is clear that the Sous-vide technique has made significant changes in the field of food and catering. The benefits of the Sous-vide machine proves that it is a great scientific invention so far. The buyer should keep in mind the above-mentioned factors while purchasing the machine. The set-it-forget-it feature is the best. It means one can set the temperature and leave the food for a particular period of time. This results in properly cooked food with good aroma. Aroma does not get lost any where and packed cooking helps to store food for a longer period of time without any fear of rancidity.

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Best Compact Microwave Consider Buying if Space is less in your Kitchen

Microwaves are useful for any food lover and it’s now almost a must-have gadget for your food. There are many microwaves food and recipes that people want to have every day and it won’t be possible without your Microwave. Take example as your pizza, or cake these things cannot be fried or made without the help of a microwave. But when you buy a microwave you need to consider a lot of things, your budget, your space, and all other things too. As if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen it will be hard for you to get a microwave or keep it. But now they have made more compact and less space taking microwave for small kitchens too. So let’s check which one you should consider buying if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen.

Sharp carousel

The sharp carousel is a great starter on our list of compatible microwave for small kitchens. This is just a 10.6-inch microwave, that has a capacity or you can space to hold a standard dinner plate so you can use it for small or medium size pizza and a pound cake. Also can reheat your chicken and food, can be used to make your roasted chicken and other stuff. It’s super easy to maintain and clean the black and Stainless Steel make the look of this microwave great too. The door of the microwave is specially made that way that it won’t get scratched at all no matter what you do. It also contains a separate timer for your cooking and letting you know when your food is ready.

Hamilton beach red

The Hamilton beach red just looks as it sounds the glossy red color of this great microwave gives it a great look and feels great just to have it in your kitchen. It’s a good microwave with compatible size too so you won’t have any problem having this in your kitchen. Only the front panel of this microwave you will find red and it comes with a safety lock letting you get assured of your children’s safety. The glass used in this is also very durable and won’t get damaged easily.

Black and decker digital

The black and decker digital it’s a great compatible microwave you can just use this when you hungry with its 30 sec fast smooth function. To give you great warm food faster, the microwave comes in 4 different sizes that you can select from. Great in look wise and will make your kitchen looks good too with it. The buttons are quite easily visible and readable to anyone making it easy to use.

Amazon basics

Amazon has also taken its technology to the microwaves, the leading e-commerce website made a great technology smart microwave. At very affordable prices and let you enjoy the Alexa assistance and control your microwave from your voice. Now to enjoy the technology you don’t need a big and huge and expensive microwave. Just have this compatible Amazon basics into your kitchen and get impressed and make people impressed too.

Toshiba 900 watt

Now if you need a compatible microwave with all the options that you will find in a big microwave. You should check this out this one gives you all the features with child safety lock and defrost by weight option too. It comes with a power-saving mode the Toshiba 900 watt is a really great compatible microwave.

Panasonic NE-1025F

Panasonic is a 1000 watts microwave with 6 min auto rest timer. You can see the light of this microwave across your kitchen when you cook it the light illuminates the microwave. The heat cooks your food really great and the light lets you see what’s going on inside and how’s it’s cooking just like any other big microwave you see in kitchens. Panasonic NE-1025F microwave is the leading compact microwave for the kitchen you will see in the market. So you should definitely consider buying this one not too expensive and yet durable.

Daewoo KOR-7LREM

This one is just really cool to look at with its bright and stylish color and it’s super great looks you can enjoy this microwave without any worries. The classic retro looking microwaves gives you 5 types of power levels in it. It also give you 5 auto cook options, and all the features that you need for your everyday modern life.…

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