8 Things you should pack while road Trip to Leh Ladakh


Holiday trips to various awesome destinations have become a real necessity in our life. We always plan a trip to a destination away from home once in five to six months. These kinds of trips give us the relaxation we need from our daily stress and also immense pleasure and joy.


And when the trip is to the king of mountains Leh Ladakh, you should know that it is not going to a very easy and pleasant one if you are not completely ready for it. Ladakh is a place well known for its extreme weather and harsh living conditions. It has happened many a times that day-to-day usable items like ATMs, mobile connectivity, eatables, clothing and many more stuffs become scarce. So, it is better to carry your own regular but important stuffs with you if you do not want to spoil your beautiful trip to Ladakh.

Here are 8 things you should have in your travel bag when you are travelling to Leh Ladakh –



The first thing that comes into mind when planning a trip is clothing. And when it comes to Ladakh, some regular and careless packing will not work. As told earlier, Ladakh is a place with some very harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. You may feel cold when you are inside a building, but the situation becomes warm and hot when you go out in the sun. Temperature in Ladakh changes very often, so carrying only heavy woolen stuffs or light clothing will not help. When you have a regular trip in any random weather, pack a lot of cotton t-shirts and jeans, and also include a pair of woolen stuffs.

But when you are travelling specifically in the winter, do not forget to carry a lot of heavy woolens!



With clothing, you also need some regular accessories which will be useful in that place. These are –

a. Sunscreen lotions – When it comes to summer in Ladakh, the sun is really hot and hard to bear. So, during your trip, have some sunscreen lotions with you. It is because with the sun so harsh, you will not only tan yourself, but also may burn your skin. So sunscreen lotions are mandatory!

b. Sunglasses – In Ladakh, not only your skin but also your eyes will need some protection. The sun in summer emits some really harmful UV radiations which may not be suitable for your eyes. So always try to wear sunglasses whenever you are planning to go out on expedition.

c. Gloves and caps – With some really unpredictable weather, it will be hard for you to determine the weather conditions anytime. So always carry a pair of waterproof thick woolen gloves with you. And a regular cap on your head will keep you safe from the sun during the day and a nice monkey cap or muffler will save your skin during cold nights!



Yes, you heard it right. Carrying some important documents in your pocket every time you are out is really necessary. Always carry any of your identity proof with you, like your adhaar card or any identity you have. And remember to have the original one along with a photocopy to ensure that no issues occur. Carry the photocopy in your pocket or bag when you are travelling out and produce the original one only when required. Also keep the Xerox slips of your flight tickets and the hotel reservation slips with you.

Miscellaneous Toiletries


Yes, even miscellaneous toiletries should be included in your bag. As I told earlier, there is no surety if you are going to get even a toothbrush in the stores because of the conditions and scarcity. So having a plan of buying the regular stuffs will backfire! It is told that prevention is better than cure. So, include all the basic toiletries in your bag, which include –

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Face wash
  • Cleaning Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Deodorant etc.



Never think of going to places like Ladakh with no or a little cash, and never plan to withdraw cash from ATMs in a place like Ladakh. ATMs are a big scarcity in this place, and you are going to wait and look for very long for withdrawing cash. In worse cases, it may not even happen! There are none in Ladakh whereas only one in Leh. So carry enough cash that will last until you find an ATM. Even credit cards are of no use. They may be accepted in Leh, but in Ladakh, these will just be plastic cards without any value.

Eatables and water


Eatables should a must have thing in your backpack. It may happen that you may have to search everywhere for just a pack of biscuits. So, pack a lot of snacks in your bag. These will also help when you are n a trek. You will need energy and these snacks and energizing foods will help.

And the water in Ladakh may seem hard to many people. So it is better to carry your own bottles of water when you are out. You want to stay hydrated, right?



A small pack of your own medicines as well as some regular ones for diseases like stomach pain, acidity, cold and all those stuff will be really helpful. So keep this pack of medicines with you. You would never want to go on a quest for medicine stores in the middle of a deserted road, would you?

Electronic items


When you are out on any trip, the electronic items will be surely necessary. Try to carry as many useful electronic items as you can. When you have a camera, keep an extra battery too. And one of the most important stuff will be the power bank, which is a must in your backpack. Also, buy a new SIM card of BSNL/MTNL in Ladakh, because only prepaid SIM cards work in that place, and there no guarantee that you will get connectivity of any SIM card you have. So it is better to have the one which is working in Ladakh.…

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