How to Buy the Best Power Bank

How often do you check your cellphone? Or even, can’t you get away from your smartphone? If the answer is yes, indeed, your smartphone must be fully charged. Did you know that smartphones require more power when you get around from place to place?

Because the battery charging process from 0% requires more power; as a result, the battery will be more prone to bulging and leaking. So, to avoid this, it’s best to charge the battery while still 30-50%. However, if you often do activities outside the room, you can use a power bank as a solution.

Although currently available various types of external batteries, Toppers should not be careless in buying them. For that, let’s take a peek at tips on choosing a quality and durable power bank!

1. Choose a Powerbank from Famous Brands

Power banks can be found easily on the market. However, make sure to buy a brand that is well known and guaranteed. Because a branded product usually has strict procedures and standards before selling it to the market. It is done to ensure the quality of the power bank.

However, you need to be careful. It is because there are some irresponsible people who often fake power banks from well-known brands. If you find a famous brand selling for a low price, it means that the device is a fake. For that, prioritize buying products through the official store on Tokopedia or a store with a good reputation.

2. Li-Polymer atomizer

Most of the batteries used in the market are Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Although the price is relatively lower than Li-Polymer (Li-Po) batteries, Li-Ion batteries are often unstable, causing Li-Ion to heat faster and easily have problems. , it might even explode. On the other hand, the Li-Po type battery is more stable and less prone to electrolyte leakage.

3. Capacity

It should have twice the capacity of the cellphone battery that you have. It is because this spare battery will only transfer 70-80% of the total power.

For example, a cellphone battery has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh. The power bank capacity that you need has at least 8,000 mAh. It is done to charge the battery fully; you can also use the remaining power as a backup.

4. Equalize Power Bank with your Cell Phone

Every electronic item has a different charge rating; charging a battery with an improper current can accelerate battery damage. Currently, many cellphones offer fast-charging features.

Typically, the fast-charging feature requires a current of 2 amperes (A). It would be better if the power bank you bought has an output of 2A. Current matching is done to maintain the battery life of a cellphone. It will be more efficient if you choose a power bank with two or more different currents.

5. Good Powerbank has the CE and FCC Certified

CE (European Standard) and FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) certification is required to ensure the quality of an electronic product that has passed standardization tests. Make sure the power bank has this certification. A power bank that doesn’t have a certificate indicates terrible quality and will have a destructive impact on your cellphone.

6. Powerbank with Security Protection

One of the essential features you should look for is the Short Circuit Protection feature and the Over Charging Protection feature. Short Circuit Protection is a protection feature to protect your power bank and cellphone from damage caused by short circuits. Meanwhile, the Over Charging Protection feature works when this feature detects that the battery is fully charged, the power bank will automatically stop charging.

7. Guaranteed

An acceptable power bank will have an official warranty from the manufacturer. A contract has a minimum span of 6 months to 1 year. If a power bank has no warranty or has fewer than six months, you should look for another power bank brand.

Because, with the presence of a guarantee, you have a contract when the power bank you are using doesn’t work correctly.


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